Mara means the ‘the sea’ in Gaelic; it's at the heart of what we do.

We aim to “Nourish Body and Soul” by
•Harnessing goodness from the sea
•Creating nutritious and delicious seaweed products
•Supporting coastal communities

Mara Seaweed is leading expertise in the seaweed industry, from sourcing and processing, to nutrition and taste. All of Mara's award winning products
•Contribute to essential everyday nutrition; rich in iodine, high in fibre, full of essential minerals
•Provide a healthy salt alternative
•Offer natural flavour enhancement through umami

Mara was founded in 2011 and is majority owned by Fiona Houston and Alexandra ‘Xa’ Milne, after writing a book, “Seaweed and Eat It – A Family Foraging and Cooking Adventure”. Xa also recently published “The Seaweed Cookbook,” a collection of recipes exploring the different flavours of seaweed.

Mara’s wild, seasonal seaweeds are sustainably hand-harvested under license from The Crown Estate in Fife, on the East Coast of Scotland. Mara is also committed to working with other local harvesters around the coastlines of Scotland and Ireland.

Mara established the UK’s first SALSA-accredited sea-to-shelf production facility for retail seaweed products in Edinburgh. Their locally sourced seaweeds sell as a range of flakes and powders throughout the UK, including nationwide in Morrisons, and across Europe and America.

•Winner, Healthy Choice for Furikake, Scotland Food and Drink Excellence Awards, 2017
•Winner, Great Taste Award, 2016 (including 3* & Golden Fork nomination); 2015, 14, 13, 12, 11
•Winner, Best Accompaniment for Shony flakes, Scotland Food & Drink Excellence Award, 2016
•Winner, Best Artisan Product for Dulse flakes, World Food & Beverage Innovation Awards, 2016
•Finalist, Best Producer, BBC Food and Farming Awards, 2015
•Winner, The Crown Estate Scottish Marine Aquaculture Award for Innovation, 2015
Mara Seaweed Picture