munch.™ is a company that is dedicated to delivering the best food in your city. We have created a community of restaurants, munchers, and free-lance delivery drivers that all have the same goal: to make your favourite dishes available in the comfort of your own home.

The munch.™ app enables you, as a muncher, to order food from your favourite restaurant with only a couple of taps on your smart phone or tablet. It uses GPS to give you constant access to restaurants and drivers in your area. munch.™ does everything but set the table for you.

We at munch.™ believe that you should not be limited to traditionally delivered foods (although we do love pizza). Whether it’s the most popular place in town, or your favourite hidden gem, we want to bring the best munch to your door. We are a completely free service for restaurants, which allows us to offer the best cuisine selection to our munchers. Don’t see the restaurant you want on the list of options? No problem – contact us (or spread the word yourself) to get them signed up. Even our drivers get taken care of; they earn great pay, per delivery, and are able to make their own schedules. Everyone wins in the munch.™ community!