Nofence Grazing Technology is the worlds first Virtual Fencing Solution and that was sold first time in 2016. A radical and disruptive innovation that can make farmers independent of expensive physical fences for their grazing animals.

The Nofence Collar is a GPS-based device to be used with grazing animals. The device prevents animals from moving out of a geographic area without the use of traditional fencing. The Nofence Collar make it possible to keep animals both within a region while outside another.

With the Nofence-App on your smartphone you can define the borders and monitor the livestock. Animal welfare is our number One Focus: Audible warnings together with vibration tell the animals to stop if it is moving towards the border. If ignored, it receives a mild electric pulse that is even lower than electric fences. There are numerous benefits with the system that represents better animal welfare than the alternatives.
Nofense AS Picture