For several years now, Smartbow GmbH has been successfully developing, producing and distributing an ear tag for heat detection, ruminant and health monitoring as well as real-time cow tracking.

The behaviour of the animals and their position are recorded by modern sensors. The data is forwarded to a local server via receivers in the indoor or outdoor area and is recorded and analyzed by means of self-learning algorithms. In case of heat or metabolic disorders the farmer receives an alarm on a PC, smartphone (SMS) or tablet. The current position is displayed on a digital stable map.

The SMARTBOW® system is now in use all over the world - from factories with 40 microbial units in Austria to large factories in Russia with almost 5,000 units. Easy installation and operation for the user make the system an excellent tool in modern animal husbandry.

Smartbow GmbH consists of a young, dynamic team with its headquarters in Weibern. In Vienna there is another secondary residence. A total of 35 employees are represented in Austria.

The slogan for the product "YOUR COWS. YOUR BUSINESS."corresponds to the idea that drives the SMARTBOW® team: The aim is to enable the customer to provide individual animal care, reduce costs and increase their profit.
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