Smeal (pronounce / smil \) is a balanced meal solution you've never seen before!
Meals to drink Smeal contain all the necessary nutrients from a meal, they are quick to prepare and are delicious!
Our preparations are in the form of a moisturizing powder. To prepare a meal you need: a portion of Smeal, water a shaker (provided by Smeal) and 1 minute. That's all.

How it works ? We formulate our products using ingredients such as oatmeal, soybean oil or isomaltulose (a slow-absorbing sympathetic carbohydrate extracted from beetroot). Once all our ingredients are combined, they bring to your body all the nutrients that a balanced meal should bring in the ideal proportions.
Moreover, we make a point of honor to make this meal a pleasure for your taste buds, the work of aromatization is done in the greatest detail!

When to drink a Smeal? When you want ! Everyone's Smeal :)
You only have 20 minutes for lunch but the sandwiches / fastfood do not suit you anymore: Smeal is there! You just get up and have to be at work within 10 minutes: Smeal is here! You get out of work at 8pm and have a concert at 8:30 pm on the other side of town and terribly hungry? Smeal is here! You are a baroudeur and leave for a great day of walking without trade? Smeal is here!
In summary, Smeal is there for everyone, when you need it.

Where to find Smeal? On our site that will arrive very soon on your screens. You can order between 3 and 30 sachets.

Smeal is therefore good for the body, good for the mind, but also good for the wallet. Indeed, for a sachet of 4 meals it is necessary to count 12 € or, 3 € the meal of 500 kcal.
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