What unites us all is the passion for food. Snapfood affects a wide audience in the field of gastronomy. Snapfood is the fastest and most convenient way to order food wherever you are. Following just a few simple steps, you can choose to order from a variety of restaurants and kitchens, the number growing every day. Just enter your address and we'll list the restaurants where you can make the order. Save time with Snapfood and eat well! With Snapfood you will never be hungry!

Take some steps and you will be enjoying your meal in the workplace, home or wherever you are

1. Look for the restaurant near your area or even your favorite one

2. Choose the food you want

3. Make the order and wait for no more than the delivery time shown on the order

4. Enjoy your meal and have a nice day.


Snapfood offers the largest selection of on-site restaurants, Italian food, Japanese food, Chinese food, traditional dishes, pizza, fast food etc.


You can search for your favorite food or restaurant. The platform also suggests the most popular restaurants, the special offers and the daily menu of restaurants.


When you order using the app, you will avoid confusion when ordering by phone. The restaurant will pick up your order in detail and take care of it.


Our platform in cooperation with restaurants ensures that your meals are ahead of you as soon as possible. We ensure that your order from any potential restaurant will arrive in an average of 20 minutes.
Snapfood - Food Delivery Picture