Since 2010, the name Thomas Henry has been the main inspiration for a young company from Germany to produce a perfect selection of soft drinks. Based in Berlin, the bitter lemonade experts have been busy adding high-class and unique products to the ever-changing world of gastronomy. The range consists of classic bar sodas – tonic water, bitter lemon, ginger ale and soda water, the tonic spinoffs Elderflower Tonic and Cherry Blossom Tonic as well as the trendy Ginger Beer, which, in Germany, is called Spicy Ginger.
In 2014, Thomas Henry introduced its “all day range“, the first two products of which are Mystic Mango and Ultimate Grapefruit. Thomas Henry’s portfolio responds to the call for more variety and offers those in front of and behind bars an alternative in taste, price and look.


In 1773, Thomas Henry – for the first time in history – successfully enriched water with carbon dioxide. He did so in Manchester, England. Soda water had officially been invented! Thomas Henry? He was a pharmacist, a visionary and a gentleman. To the very core of his being. The one who is serving the world this way is the perfect namesake for an even more perfect selection of soft drinks.


Thomas Henry stands for best ingredients and a unique composition. Grown-up and full taste, more indulgence, be it pure or mixed in a long drink. Our natural mineral water is sourced from the Bad Meinberg springs in North Rhine-Westphalia. Demineralizing it, we guarantee a constant, harmonic taste for our high-end products along with wholesome, fine-sparkling carbon dioxide.
Thomas Henry Picture