Our vision with YouAte is to build a sustainable way for all of us to live healthy. An upstream solution for preventable chronic diseases.

With YouAte we are taking a mind, body, and spirit approach to health that starts with food and extends to all other aspects of life. A safe place to learn about your own habits and feelings in an easy going, non-judgmental way.

Compared to other solutions who are into number crunching, we believe that emotional regulation, mindfulness, and support from others is key in making a sustainable change.

For consumers, our iOS app is currently live in the App Store and our Android app is under development.

For health professionals, the YouAte Coach dashboard is in invite-only beta, being tested by your peers around the world.

Why are we doing this?
Preventable chronic diseases affect 40% of Americans, causing an enormous amount of human harm and costing the US trillions of dollars in healthcare spending each year. And the situation is actually getting worse.

The crazy thing is, lot of this suffering and spending could be prevented through relatively simple lifestyle changes.

We, as a team, believe that this is one of the most meaningful issues to tackle right now from a social good and business perspective.
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