Rohlik and Picnic start to expand across Europe their grocery delivery operations

Key facts:

  • We observe a surge of investments across all the categories of grocery delivery. It is notably the case for new pure players.
  • Rohlik, a Czech startup, already active in two other countries, Austria and Hungary, raised $230M to expand in new markets.
  • Picnic, the famous Dutch startup, which has raised €350M until now, is already active in Germany’s bordering cities. It will soon start operating in Northern France.

Why it matters – DigitalFoodLab’s opinion:

In 2020, inside the delivery category, investments have shifted from restaurant delivery to groceries. Investors bet on various business models, from dark stores to farm-to-home operations.

Rohlik and Picnic have one important thing in common: predictability of the delivery. Rohlik delivers its consumers in two hours, in a 15minutes slot. Picnic delivers according to a very specific scheme where its vehicles perform daily the same route inside your city. Above all, the European consumer is now expecting to know when he will get delivered and is no more ready to wait half a day or even a couple of hours.
Both startups also share a strong sense of how to operate logistics. Rohlik warehouses are notably different from those of most traditional retailers. Like those of LaBelleVie in France, they are smaller and located much closer to city centres (and the consumers).

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