Farm-to-home on the rise: Cortilia raises €34M while Farmy reveals its revenues

Key facts:

  • Cortilia, the farm-to-home Italian startup raises €34M
  • Farmy, its Swiss equivalent has revealed its revenues since its foundation. It has sold CHF 26M in 2020 (€24M)
  • Both startups are pioneering (with Dutch Crisp) a new grocery delivery business model that we call farm-to-home. It relies on one big promise: ultra-fresh and certified fresh foods.
  • To do so, these startups source fresh produces from known farms. They are daily delivered to the warehouses of the startup + cross-docking (i.e. a storage time down to the bare minimum, often less than a few hours).

Why it matters – DigitalFoodLab’s opinion:

As shown in the graph of Farmy’s revenues, their growth can be impressive and have been widely accelerated by COVID and an influx of funding (Farmy and Crisp have also raised €10M+ each amount last year).

We observe a surge of new business models in grocery deliveries. Interestingly, they seem more to combine each other than to compete. If farm-to-home startups mentioned above are really interesting for fresh produce, startups such as Gorillas with its Dark Stores (deliveries of 30min) are ideal for daily essentials.

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