Embargo is a beacon powered loyalty and rewards platform and app that allows restaurants, bars as well as corporates (beverage brands in particular) to build relationships with customers and provide a personalised experience through a next generation CRM system.

The idea came to life after recognizing an existing problem - the disconnect between customers and businesses in the hospitality industry. Loyal customers are absolutely essential, yet not a single venue knows how many customers actually return and how to make sure this rate increases. The problem is being exposed even more during the current staff crisis and challenges that bars, restaurants and cafes face nowadays. Embargo allows both the businesses and customers build long term relationships providing added value to each other.

The app for customers is a user friendly tool that counts visits automatically from the moment the customer enters the venue. The venue can reward a regular customers without hoping that their staff will recognize such customer.

The venues can easily access in depth analytics which are presented through a user friendly CRM Portal that allows to easily draw crucial conclusions, as well as run sophisticated marketing campaigns to relevant customers. Embargo solves exactly the same problem for beverage brands who do not have direct access to their consumers nor easy ways to put their products on people's lips.

Embargo allows to connect directly with the brands' drinkers and follow up to increase sales, brand awareness and profile their best consumers.
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