A need expressed by professionals
Two years ago, by converting to the kitchen for a creative project, our team faces the lack of a solution enabling gastronomy professionals to manage their production efficiently. It then begins to develop a tool to manage its knowledge, to value its stocks and send orders automatically. Thanks to its profiles with diverse experiences, the team updates up-to-date unexplored opportunities. It is the enthusiasm of the colleagues in the sector that drives us to embark on this new adventure. This is how FoodMeUp, the first web-based tool for managing kitchen recipes and professional production, was launched in November 2014.

A solution of the moment
FoodMeUp wants to reinvent the world of restoration, helping it succeed in its digital transition. FoodMeUp is simple to use, flexible and ergonomic. Our solution accompanies all gastronomy professionals interested in cooking recipes or the supply of ingredients. At FoodMeUp, the resources of ingredients, recipes, teams and orders are dynamic and interconnected. Their creation and organization is simplified, which saves time, increases profitability and adapts to constant market changes.