French FoodTech Top25

The mapping, by category, of our French FoodTech Top 25, with some comments on the startups category by category.

Keto startups, a world of FAT

Keto has surely been one of the hottest food trends in the last five to ten years. We have mapped and categorised some of the most interesting startups of this ecosystem to identify its underlying trends.

Clean-meat and plant-based: investments and trends

Many people are now talking about a future where if not irrelevant, cattle, sheep and poultry used for human consumption would be reduced to a bare minimum. Two approaches confront each other: plant-based and clean meat.

Great resources on D2C and DNVB

While DNVB is becoming more and more used by entrepreneurs to define their venture, it is also becoming a buzz word that is void of its true meaning.

Investments in AgTech in 2018

AgTech is composed of startups disrupting agriculture. They come up with solutions to improve farming output and quality using drones, sensors and farm management software. If we look at data, we can see that investments have risen slowly from $1.6b in 2014 to $2B in 2016 and then have known a steep increase in the last two years (almost $5B in 2018).

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