Data for supply chain is a sub-category of the Supply Chain sector. See all definitions of FoodTech and its categories here.

The “data for supply chain” FoodTech category regroups startups enabling food business all along the supply chain to create, access and share data on products. This data can be used internally, between business (for compliance and tracking) or with the consumers.

From a grand vision of services that would be able to track food from farm to fork using blockchain, this ecosystem is now much more “practical”.

Indeed, few companies are still competing in the space of end-to-end supply chain tracking (we can mention Te-Food and Provenance). Others are now addressing food and retail business challenges such as compliance (Connecting Food), quality control, or sustainability (How Good). On the consumer side, even if many apps and services have been launched to help the consumer make more conscious choices, these have until now failed to create viable business models. 

Key startups to consider

  • Alkemics, a French startup that develops a platform enabling suppliers and retailers to build an efficient, consumer-oriented, and data-driven relationship. It got acquired by Salsify in 2021
  • Connecting Food and TE-Food, food traceability solution on blockchain

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