FoodTech Delivery in 2019

Delivery is everyone mouth. And as FoodTech, everyone has an opinion on what’s really happening. We want to help you go beyond opinion and give you facts.

Things are getting messier in this ecosystem. While a few years ago, each startup was operating in a specific field (from meal kits to restaurant delivery) with the hope to conquer the world, things have now changed. Consumers have responded with great interest to all of these new offers. But they do not want to stick to one single model, they want a combination of all of them (obviously, each consumer is in need of its own combination). This explains why farm to home (fresh produce marketplace) delivery startups are now putting meal kits on their shelves and why restaurant delivery startups (such as deliveroo) are now going to the food procurement. In a word, it’s no more war to be your “only source of delivered meals from restaurants” but a war to be your “only source of food”.

So, from the busy worker in China to the US student in need of a quick fix of energy, food delivery has a huge market to conquer.
Thus, the offer is now broadening with:

  • Full-stack delivery with startups operating their own kitchen and brands
  • Restaurant delivery with startups like Deliveroo, Zomato & Delivery Hero
  • Meal kits delivered at your door with fresh ingredients and recipes for the week.
  • many solutions, ranging from vending machines to groceries to cover all your food needs.

It’s this fascinating and high-speed ecosystem that we will cover in this report with three goals:

  • Take a snapshot of today’s top startups, investments and deals globally in delivery
  • Give you clear ideas about the various ways startups are addressing food delivery
  • Comparing Europe, Asia and the Americas to look for the hottest spots to look for innovation

Investments in FoodTech Delivery


Geographical breakdown and analysis


  1. Investments (deals, startups creation, top deals, Delivery unicorns)
  2. Delivery – category by category
    1. Subcategories definitions
    2. Key Graphs
    3. Sub-Category breakdown
  3. Delivery by Geography
    1. The USA
    2. Europe
    3. Asia
    4. South America
    5. Middle East/Africa
  4. Exists
  5. Trends


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The strengths of this report

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