Welcome to Europe’s third wave of FoodTech disruption.

In 2020, European FoodTech startups raised €2.7B, the same amount as 2019. Maintaining such a high level of investments is good news in such a complicated year.

Despite the pandemic, the total amount invested in FoodTech startups globally has risen sharply. Hence, the share of the European FoodTech ecosystem dropped to a mere 12%.

We are observing the apparition of a third wave of European FoodTech startups which is characterised by two key features: they are raising more at a very early stage (even before having a product) and are betting on long term trends. It shows investors’ confidence in European FoodTech startups to be drivers of change.


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In this report

This report studies FoodTech startups in Europe  and contents:

  • Investments from 2014 to 2020 and analysis
  • A breakdown country by country and innovations hubs analysis
  • Trends for the six major categories of FoodTech
  • Corporate implication in the ecosystem

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