Nutrigenomics is a sub-category of the Consumer tech sector. See all definitions of FoodTech and its categories here.

The “nutrigenomics” FoodTech category regroups startups developing services and devices that make sense of the consumers’ biomarkers (such as those included in the genome, microbiome and blood) to then make personalised recommendations on the foods they should consume or avoid.

The space of nutrigenomics has been increasing in size over the past couple of years. Many startups have launched new devices and testing kits to help the consumer get more knowledge about himself:

  • DNA testing kit startups with a specialisation in food
  • Breath analysers
  • Microbiome startups
  • Startups focusing on blood samples or glucose patches. This space is the most recent and maybe the most active.

However, most of the data used by these startups is based on correlations which leads to interpretations that can be different, even opposite from one startup to another. More scientific rigour will be needed to reach a broader audience. Additionally, individual tests only provide a partial image of one’s health and food requirements. DNA can help a consumer learn about his or her predispositions while microbiome and blood biomarkers are snapshots that must be repeated over time. A new generation of startups such as Zoe combines two or more of these elements to better assess its users. And more than just advice, they tend more and more to coach (with humans on the line) the user on its journey toward the diet that suits him the best.

Key startups to consider

  • Genopalate, a US startup selling DNA testing kit with a food focus
  • Lumen (Israel) and FoodMarble (Ireland), breath analyser startups
  • Viome (USA), the leading startup in the microbiome ecosystem
  • (NL), a startup selling glucose patches
  • Zoe, a UK-based startup offering a service that combines gut and blood analyses

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