Aryballe, the French startup that help large companies to collect, analyse and match odours raises €7M

Key facts:

  • Aryballe, a French startup dedicated to odor analytics raised €7M
  • Combining biochemical sensors, advanced optics, and machine learning, the company’s devices can be used to assess consistency and quality in food products
  • Other food and beverage use cases include assessing the freshness of raw products and using their scents to compare them to their database.

Why it matters – DigitalFoodLab’s opinion:

While the use cases are still mostly industrial for now, the potential for consumer appliances is huge. Indeed, Aryballe’s technology could be integrated into smart ovens and other cooking appliances to help detect the scent of well-cooked dishes. Another use case could be to help consumers understand which produces are the freshest or should be consumed first.


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