“CPG startups” is a sub-category of the Food Science sector. See all definitions of FoodTech and its categories here.

The “CPG startups” FoodTech category regroups startups bringing incremental innovations on already well-established ingredients or markets. They differentiate through innovation in the product itself, the transparency of its composition, the means of distribution or greater customisation of the products.

CPG and D2C Food Brands have made waves in the last couple of years with numerous investments and acquisitions from major corporations (Olly and Graze bought by Unilever, Foodspring by Mars). After the lockdown and the massive change in consumer habits it created, incumbent leaders are looking more than ever to transform their brands into DTC and e-commerce operations.

Food Brands are all the household names that we have grown with or discovered more recently. They can be massive and global such as Nestlé or tiny local players with a strong history. They sell their products mostly through traditional mass retail and use conventional marketing.

Interestingly, many are looking to operate as DTC brands to create more connections with their customer and bypass retailers.

FoodTech Brands are all the startups selling food products to the consumers, directly or through retail channels. They use their agility to grow fast and compete with food giants in key markets.


DTC / DNVB are brands born and operated online. After an initial stage, they often want to grow in the “physical world” (retail) while keeping their agility.

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