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Startup activity and investments in the French FoodTech

French FoodTech startups have seen an increase in investments in 2018 (€227M, from €136M in 2017) while the number of deals is decreasing (66 in 2018, from 94 in 2017). After a kick off in 2015, the French FoodTech ecosystem is entering in a phase of maturity. Indeed, more money is poured into advanced startups with the growth of series A and series B (and beyond) deals.

The €227M invested in French FoodTech startups in 2018 could be enough to put France as the leader in the European market even if its share in global investments is only 2.6%. Paris is becoming the place to be for European FoodTech startups.


Where is France’s FoodTech going?

What are the investment and development opportunities?

Key points of the report:

  • figures and analysis: investments and startups creations
  • FoodTech categories breakdown
  • top deals in France
  • the full list of the 627 active FoodTech startups in France
  • list of French FoodTech accelerators and incubators

Access the list of all French FoodTech startups, by subdomains of activities, with creation dates and funds raised.

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Investments in France

Domains comparisons


    • Investments in French FoodTech startups: data and analysis
    • Startups, figures and data: activities, creations, exits, forecasts
    • Trends and top startups by domains

As well as the full list of French FoodTech startups, according to the 33 FoodTech subdomains defined by DigitalFoodLab.


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  • 131 pages
  • 627 startups

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The strengths of this report

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  • Investors, agribusiness corporates, retailers and entrepreneurs, find all the data and analysis you need to understand and act on FoodTech in France
  • A unique analysis of the evolution of the French FoodTech ecosystem

* report updates include new startups, closed ones and updating investments. Updates will be available in April 2019, August 2019 and November 2019.

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