Seeds&Chips – DFInsights June 18 #1

Two weeks ago was taking place the third edition of Vivatech in Paris. We were there for a talk (A big thank you to the Auverge-Rhône-Alpes region and it’s booth dedicated to FoodTech). It’s impressive to see FoodTech becoming a big part of Tech events (when it was mostly ignored few years ago). We also love to see the acceleration of FoodTech dedicated events, as Seeds&Chips. It was in Milan from 7 to 10th of May and we were there.


We had a great time and figured it was fair to share our excitement and insights with you. So we first have made this free 70-page document you can download on our website. You can also access our pictures from the event here.

This event has also made us acknowledge the importance to reach more broadly with you. So, we have decided to go a step further with a webinar. It will take place on the 13th of June at 1:30 PM (CEST, Paris Time). We will cover the main insights we got from Seeds&Chips and answer your questions. You can register here.


(should you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact me)



Lunchr just raised 11 million euros

Is Lunchr the new French FoodTech leader? It’s at least the biggest deal of 2018 in the French ecosystem. Going frontal with Edenred (Ticket restaurant), UP & Sodexo, the startup is reinventing the way teams order and share a lunch.



Our last article in Maddyness is about the relationships between food corporates and startups: how and why they should work together. It may be our main feedback from Seeds&Chips: too much communication masking a lack ofmeaningful collaborations. With DigitalFoodLab, we think that these collaborations are needed if big food corporates want to survive the incoming disruption (we do more than thinking, we can help you to understand what’s happening, identify opportunities and act on it).

More and more day-empty bars and restaurants are becoming co-working spaces. 2 platforms (KettleSpace and Spacious) manage the restaurants duringthe day, their staff serving as hosts, brewing coffee and placing power outlets. Itbecomes a source of passive income for restaurants which also see the benefit of attracting new customers to their regular services.


CrowdCow, a ranch to table meat offer is raising $8 million from investors, including Ashton Kutcher (more known for his movies than it’s “hobby” as a successful tech investor, leading a 100 million fund, A-grade). Future won’t be only made of plant-based meat. Indeed, if commodity meat can be replaced by alternatives, high-end meat is expanding. Crowdcow aims to make these quality meats more accessible to the consumer

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