“Smart and autonomous store” is a sub-category of the Supply Chain sector. See all definitions of FoodTech and its categories here.

The “smart and autonomous store” FoodTech category regroups startups developing technologies that improve the in-shop consumer experience or make the store more or fully autonomous.

From warehouse to store, the retail area is becoming more and more autonomous and “smart”. Robots and technology are used to help brands, suppliers and retailers offer the best experience to the consumer.

Warehouse automation

In order to answer the increasing demand for grocery deliveries, (new and old) retailers have to improve and strengthen their order-picking capabilities. Warehouses are also becoming more and more automated, and the new ones are based on robotics platforms such as the Ocado warehouses (see opposite).

In-store analytics

We use “in-store analytics” to refer to various technologies capable of offering in-store visual monitoring of CPG products and can help retailers optimise product placement and marketing decisions. From out-of-stock detection to real-time pricing, technologies help the store’s staff to manage their stocks and labour hours.

The “Amazon Go” technology

Everyone is aware of the Amazon Go concept store, the “no lines, no checkout” store where the customer has just to identify himself with his phone, pick some products and leave. Some startups are working on similar cashier-free solutions, combining cameras and AI systems.

Key startups to consider

  • Trax, a Singapore-based startup, which develops stock management solutions (out-of-stock detection, pricing…)
  • Standard Cognition, US-based, which provides AI-powered tech for retailers to automate the check-out process
  • AiFi, also US-based, which aims to deploy cashier-less technology in grocery stores and also its own portable and AI-powered store

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