10 notable deals and things to know this week (2023 – week #40)

🇫🇷 🌾 Agrisight, a French startup improving the supply chain of agricultural commodities, was acquired by Javelot, another French startup. Javelot develops software and hardware tools dedicated to grain storage.

🇳🇿 🐝 Scentian Bio, a New Zealand-based startup, raised $2.1M for its technology that replicates the olfactory sectors of insects. It could recognise millions of compounds and hence be used by manufacturers to control the quality of ingredients.

🇦🇹 🌱 Kern Tec, an Austrian startup, raised €12M to upcycle stone fruit pits (for example, apricot pits) into sustainable ingredients that could then be used to create plant-based dairy products. With this funding, the startup will scale up its production. It is interesting to observe how much food waste and upcycling have become hot topics in the past year. Now, with all this money and the new production capabilities, we can’t wait to see more products using upcycled ingredients reaching the shelves (and to observe how consumers will react to it).

🇫🇷 🌱 SynDev, a French startup, raised €500K for its app to help farmers use bioinputs. That could be an elegant solution to bridge the gap between the need for alternatives to petrochemical inputs (a need created by tightening regulations) and the diversity of new offerings (often created by startups with limited marketing budgets and know-how).

🇩🇪 📦 Traceless Materials, a German startup, raised €36.6M for a bio-based, home-compostable plastic alternative from agricultural residues.

🇩🇪♻️ Resourcify, a German startup, raised €14M for its waste management and recycling SaaS platform.

🇫🇷 🥕 Atypique, a French startup, raised €2.1M to become the European leader in non-standard fruits & vegetables.

🇨🇭🥦 Vivent, a Swiss startup, raised an undisclosed amount of money for its solution that detects alerts from plants before symptoms appear.

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