10 notable deals and things to know this week (2023 – week #41)

🇫🇷 🍗 Umiami, a French foodtech startup, raised €32.5M to expand the production of its plant-based meat alternatives (made with a new technology which is said to provide a more “meat-like” texture) and drive global expansion. It now has secured around €100M, a rare feat for a startup with almost no product on the market and in a context of severe doubts about the short-term potential of plant-based alternatives.

🇫🇷 ⚡ Ombrea, a French agrivoltaics startup (installing solar panels on farms above crops), was acquired by TotalEnergies, the French oil giant.

🇺🇸 🚜  Bonsai Robotics, a US-based startup, raised $10.5M to solve labour shortage by providing a vision-based solution that transforms heavy farming equipment into autonomous harvesters. It is targeting nut trees (for a start).

🇺🇸 👥 Helios, a US-based startup, raised $1.85M for its AI-powered supply chain analyst, which generates data-driven insights that help companies identify and assess risks in real time.

🇦🇺🥛  Eden Brew, an Australian startup (founded by Australia’s research agency and a dairy coop), raised $24.5M for its precision fermentation alternative to casein (the dairy protein responsible for the texture of milk, cheese…)

🇸🇪 💰 Invafresh (a Canada-based SaaS provider for the grocery retail industry) has acquired Whywaste, a Swedish provider of end-of-life product solutions for retailers.

🇪🇸 ☕ Incapto, a Spanish speciality coffee subscription startup, raised €6M to expand.

🇺🇸🔬 Pow.Bio, a US startup, raised $9.5M to expand its precision fermentation platform that bets on smarter and not bigger bioreactors to reach profitability and scale up the industry.

🇺🇸 🍹 Boisson, a non-alcoholic retailer, raised $5M, notably from Pernod Ricard. It will now grow its range of alcohol-free products.

🇺🇸 🍬 Rev Gum, a US-based startup, raised $6M for its caffeinated chewing gum. The product is marketed as a healthy alternative to energy drinks (and their high amount of sugar).


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