6 notable deals this week (2022 – week #30)

🩸 🇺🇸  NutriSense, a US-based startup, raised $25M for its glucose monitoring service. It helps users to have a better understanding of what affects their glucose levels.

🚚  🇪🇬 Cartona, an Egyptian startup, raised $12M for its B2B marketplace, notably enabling small grocery shops to access big brands in a single place.

🍖  🇺🇸 Meati Foods, a US-based startup, raised a huge $150M round for its plant-based alternatives made of mushroom roots. It will only start retailing its product this month. This deal shows that investors still have a strong appetite for promising alternative proteins.

🍕 🇩🇪 Milano Vice, based in Germany, raised €5.9M for its virtual pizza chain. It wants to use underutilised kitchens to grow fast. We are quite curious about the increase of such 100% virtual brands and wonder how they will grow while maintaining their brand consistency and B2B partners retention.

🐶  🇫🇷  Pepette, a French D2C brand of fresh personalized petfood raised €3.4M. PetFood is hot. We observe a surge in the number of investments made into startups that create products with insects, alternatives…

🥬 🇨🇦 Fieldless Farms, a Canada-based startup, raised CAD$17.5M for its indoor farms.

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