8 notable deals this week (2022 – week #39)

🇫🇷  🐜  InnovaFeed, a French startup growing insects for animal feed, raised €250M, an unprecedented amount for a startup in this field. It will help it to build its facility and grow internationally.

🇫🇷  🗑️ Phénix, a French startup, raised €15M for its anti-food-waste solution.

🇫🇷  💳 Zenchef, a French startup providing a one-stop-shop solution for restaurants (from click-and-collect to pay-at-table) raised 50M€ from a private equity fund that becomes the new majority shareholder of the company.

🇫🇷 🌑  Not So Dark, a French startup, raised $80M for its set of virtual restaurant brands.

🇺🇸  🚚  Swiftly, a US-based startup, raised $100M and becomes a unicorn. The startup helps retailers build better tools for their grocery delivery operations.

🇺🇸  🍼 Kate Farms, a US-based startup, raised $75M for its meal replacement solution for people suffering from chronic illnesses that require them to eat liquid foods (notably through tube feeding). This is a highly impressive company that show how FoodTech startups can provide nutrition to those that need it the most.

🇩🇪  🧫  MicroHarvest, a Germany-based startup, raised €8.5M for what it says is the “fastest protein production system” in the world. To do so, the startup uses precision fermentation.

🇸🇮  🚜  Trapview, a Slovenian startup, raised €10M for its use of AI to help farmers apply more sustainable practices in their fight against pests.

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