Best deals and top FoodTech news (2022 – week #12)


🐮 🇬🇧  Breedr, a British startup that has created an app to help farmers to manage their livestock, raised £12M. It enables farmers to log many stats (directly themselves or through sensors) into the app and use the generated data as insights to boost their efficiency and reduce their environmental impact. Beyond Breeder is launching a financial service that will enable farmers to receive cash as the animal grows to let them invest.
This deal is one of the many we have observed recently in livestock management with a growing ecosystem of startups looking to boost the efficiency of the farm and reduce its impact.

💊 🇩🇪  Koro, a German DTC (Direct-To-Consumer) startup specialised in superfood ingredients, raised €50M. This is one of the biggest deals in the European DTC ecosystem and also one of the first that shows that a startup can successfully expand in many European markets and keep growing.

🧀  🇫🇷  Bon Vivant, a French precision fermentation startup focused on dairy, raised €4M. Inspired by the success of Perfect Day, Bon Vivant wants to develop lab-grown dairy proteins to create alternatives to cheese and other dairy products.

🏪  🇰🇪  Wasoko, a Kenyan B2B  grocery marketplace, raised $125M. The platform enables informal grocery retailers to manage and restock their inventory. It is already active in 6 countries and now wants to expand in new markets.

🥦  🇺🇸  Mori, a US-based startup, raised $50M for its patented protein that acts as a natural packaging that slows fresh food spoiling.

🍬  🇮🇱  Resugar, an Israeli startup, raised $3M for its sugar substitute. It is basically developing an ingredient that can be substituted 1:1 to sugar but that reduces the sugar content by 70% and the calories by 50% without altering the properties of the final product.
Resugar is part of a larger ecosystem of startups that are developing alternatives to sugar, but also to other ingredients such as fats (palm oil notably), colorants, or flavoring.

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