Best deals and top FoodTech news (week #48)

🪐  You can prepare your holidays on the red planet with Heinz “Marz edition” ketchup. The company grew tomatoes in Martian soil conditions.

🍼 Meal replacement startup Huel announces that it is considering an IPO. It made a turnover of £71.6M, up from £50M last year. This is quite impressive, considering how this space is crowded. Huel has successfully expanded its range of products around the idea of convenient meals.

💰 The best deals of the week:

  • Juicy Marbles, a Slovenian startup, raised $4.5M to develop its plant-based whole meat cuts further. Developing alternative protein products that are not burgers, minced meat, or nuggets is still really complicated. There is a strong competition to find the “right” technology to create the perfect texture for “whole cuts”.
  • Ethnic grocery startup is now a thing, with Germany-based Yababa raising $15.5M to grow its e-commerce delivery operations in Europe, targeting Turkish and Arabic communities. Recently UK-based Oja raised £2.5M to expand its reach by targeting more communities.
  • Impossible Foods, known for its bleeding burgers, raised a new huge round of $500M. It has now raised more than $2B. In comparison, Beyond Meat had only raised $122M before its IPO. With these funds, the company will keep expanding in new markets (it has been waiting for approval in Europe since 2019) and expand its product range.
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