Thistle a ready to eat delivery startup covering all your dietary needs raises $5m

Thistle, a startup that delivers 3-times a week cooked meals raised $5M. We look keenly on all startups working on solutions covering all your needs with fresh and qualitative foods.

Startups such as Thistle often categorised as heat and eat provide a great service to their customer as they put their diet in autopilot and let them personalised following their needs and wants. They also compete with meal kits companies such as HelloFresh or Blue Apron which have a hard time now. Consumers seem ready to take the extra step (and extra spending) to receive already cooked meals at home. And with only 3 delivery per weeks, in morning slots, the company also avoid the high costs of delivery on demand and has also less environmental impact.

Started as cold-pressed juices, the company has kept a DNA of high-end products, and therefore the pricing linked to it. There is a long way to go to see such ventures offering affordable subscription plans.

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