What will be the meal of the future?

A handful of startups have recently raised money with very different approaches to what may be “the future of the meal”. This space is always interesting to look at. Between all the different value propositions, we may find the elements that compose the future of the way we cook (or not) at home:

  • Meals 80% prepared by restaurants: Dispatch, a UK startup, raised Β£10M for its meals delivered at your doors. Restaurants cook them, and the consumer is “ready to be finished” with a few simple steps of cooking and heating.
  • Virtual restaurants: Curb, a Swedish startup, raised €20M for its 9 virtual brands with a vision that consumers will order many more if not most of their meals from cloud kitchens.
  • Shef, a US-based startup, raised $20M for its marketplace of homemade meals delivered to your door.

Looking in the past to see the future?
Go big or go home

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