5 notable deals this week (2022 – week #36)

🧜  🇮🇱  Mermade Seafoods, an Israeli startup, raised $3.3M to use cellular agriculture to produce scallops. Interestingly, more alternative protein startups address food items with newer ventures focused on items that are often the most expansive and the most impacted by humans (either by climate change or overconsumption, as are scallops).

🌿  🇬🇧  OneFarm, a British vertical farm, raised €8.7M. The number of deals in the UK around vertical farms is quite impressive. Is it a viable technological deployment or a short-lived craze?

🥛  🇳🇿  🇳🇱  Fonterra, the world’s largest milk producer, is the Dutch ingredient company DSM to launch a “startup” to explore and commercialize precision fermentation dairy proteins. Joint ventures and innovation centres are a trending topic in alternative proteins with more and more announcements.

⚡ 🇫🇮  Tracegrow, a Finnish startup, raised €2.5M to turn used batteries into fertilizer. Investments in alternatives to gas-based fertilizers are one of the hottest topics to follow.

🗑️  🇸🇪  Motatos, a Swedish startup operating an online grocery store for discounted cupboard products, raised €38M. It has grown in multiple European countries and will reach €100M in sales this year.

🍔 🇨🇭 Planted, a Swiss plant-based meat startup, raised CHF70M. Its products are already available in multiple European countries and may become Europe’s leader. It plans to use the new funding to launch a line of whole cuts (big chunks of meat, the new “holy grail” of plant-based foods).

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