Best deals and top FoodTech news (week #50)

🚴  Flink raised $750M at a $2.85B valuation with DoorDash as its main investor. Among the many steps leading to this deal, we learn that this summer, Flink came close to acquiring the French player Cajoo for…€1. Now, the question, after all these billions burned on consumer acquisition is to know how high retention will be, notably when prices will (inexorably) rise.

🌶️  Kraft Heinz acquired German startup Just Spices. We learn that the company has (impressive) annual sales of €60M for its kits of spices sold online.

🍟 McCain invested $55M into Dublin-based Strong Roots, a startup that markets frozen plant-based foods.

🚚 Grab, the Singapour-based, delivery unicorn raised $4.5B in its IPO. It was valued $40B at the time of the IPO but since the stock has plummeted.

🥚 The Every company raised $175M for its precision fermentation egg proteins. It recently made its first product available.

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Best deals and top FoodTech news (week #49)

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