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Who doesn’t like a good list of leaders? At least, I do, notably when I get quoted in one (about the top FoodTech influencers to follow). However, I always had mixed feelings when I got asked to provide lists.

Indeed, one of the questions we get asked the most at DigitalFoodLab is “what are the top startups in x”? (You can replace x by a country, region, or a category). Our answer has always been around the theme “it’s more complicated than that” and then try to understand what the best means to the person we are talking to. But, with time discovered that many people don’t have a clear idea in mind and just want a quick overview of what is happening in a specific ecosystem. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a good old list?

That’s why, a couple of months ago, as we were working on our report on French FoodTech investments, we decided to start small with a list of what are the best French FoodTech startups. For the size, as we all know, a good list should not take too much time to read while providing you with some great insights. Hence, the size of 25 startups.


Mapping top25

Mapping of DigitalFoodLab’s French FoodTech top 25. You can find the detailed list and some detailed information in our dedicated article here.

But what can we learn by looking at this mapping of French FoodTech leaders? Here are three impressions conveys (in a mix of deliberate and unexpected results) :

  • Our first reaction when the list was complete was a feeling of déjà vu. Most of the listed startups would have been there in a mapping one or two years ago. That’s probably not an issue for the goal of this mapping which is to give an overview of French FoodTech to newcomers, but it somewhat shows that the ecosystem is slow to generate new exciting ventures.
  • The over-representation of AgTech and Foodservice compared to Delivery startups, compared to their share in the European FoodTech ecosystem is telling of the French preference for B2B. It follows what we can observe in the distribution of startups and investments as a whole.
  • Finally, few of these startups have become households names in France, and even less are known outside France’s borders (with the notable exception of the coaching app Foodvisor). This may change with the emergence of alternative protein startups.

A list has many limits but it is always a great tool to start digging deeper and start conversations. We would love to know what you think of it, what we may have missed, or all your questions. Please write to us here.

We are also doing a webinar (in French) about the French FoodTech ecosystem on the 24th at 9 AM (Paris Time), it’s free and it will be great, with a presentation of the state of French FoodTech and conversation with top entrepreneurs, register here.

Have a great week!


TOP INSIGHTS FROM DIGITALFOODLAB #1 – How does French FoodTech compare to other European ecosystems? 

In Europe, French FoodTech is only second to the UK’s ecosystem. Indeed, it leads to the number of deals bigger than €1M but still lags behind in total investments (notably due to the lack of unicorns). While the distribution of the deals is similar, when we look at investments, the difference is significant…

More here #2 – Irish breath analyzer startup FoodMarble raises €1.2M

FoodMarble, the Irish startup known for its breath analyzer just raised €1.2M. The device helps its user to have a better understanding of its digestive health. We had the opportunity sooner this year to test both FoodMarble and its main competitor, the Israel startup Lumen (which has raised $8.5M just one year ago)

More here #3 – Video by DigitalFoodLab “Invest in French FoodTech” (in French)

30 minutes video about the state of FoodTech (with all the links in the comments of the article) and a focus on the French FoodTech market and why it is relevant to invest now.

More here


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Irish breath analyser startup FoodMarble raises €1.2M
Investissez dans la FoodTech (VIDEO FR)

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