How to get inspired by FoodTech startups?


I had the opportunity to do a lot of talks about FoodTech trends in the past month, both for clients and at public events. And no matter the audience or the country, one question was recurring: “ok, really inspiring talk, but what can I do to take profit of this emerging ecosystem?” (that’s the good question, the bad one is “why should I care, Food will never get disrupted”, but we covered that here).

Good question indeed, and as you can see below in our mapping of the various means a corporate can put in place to work with startups, it’s not only a question of money but also of involvement. It requires time, energy and a good strategy.

DFL - mapping how to work with startups

At DigitalFoodLab, we have developed a toolkit to help corporates and scale-ups maximise the profit they can take from the ecosystem.

First is the inspiration you can take from the ecosystem. For that we provide:

– free and premium reports (see below for our last updates)

– talks at public and private events

– executive briefings, a 4-times a year, C-level oriented, 2 hours live briefing of the last relevant FoodTech news and a deep dive into a trend

Then there is action where we work with you on 5 questions:

– what are the startups that could be a threat or an opportunity for my business? (e.g. vertical brands)

– how startups are approaching a specific technology? (e.g robots in Foodservice)

– what is the best startup to work with? (scouting)

– what business opportunities startups have explored in other markets?

– what are the innovation strategies of my competitors in relation to startups which one should I build?

Working with us is not a requirement to reach success when building an innovation strategy (you can still contact us here), but asking and looking for answers on the above questions is!

Have a great week!


Get inspired!

A great way to learn how to work with startups is to learn about the ecosystem. And we also have the solution for that with the great content we have released and updated recently our:

– Report on Seeds&Chips 2019 is available here for all of you that didn’t get the chance to participate

– FoodTech trends report for 2019 to discover the next hot trends in FoodTech

– French FoodTech report and comprehensive list of all active startups which we updated just a month ago

– Free Unicorns report. We had the opportunity to talk about it at BFM Business TV last week, you can have a look at the replay here.

Matthieu Vincent- DigitalFoodLab on TV - unicorns

We know that your needs are specific, that’s why we mostly work on dedicated reports for our clients! Contact us for any inquiry.



Alternative meat to become a $140B market in the next decade. Some may wonder why Beyond meat has reached such a high valuation in just a few weeks (above 4 billion). It seems that investors want to bet on the future of plant-based meat and that their options are not numerous. A study shows that the potential market for such products could reach $140B in just 10 years! Combine both information and you’ll understand why food giant Nestlé is developing its own fake meat.


Ben&Jerry’s plan to do CBD-infused ice-cream. CBD (cannabis extract) isn’t still legalized in food & beverages. However, giants such as Coca-Cola are looking closely at what’s happening there and Ben&Jerry’s announced its intention to launch as soon as its get legalised its CBD ice-cream.

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